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Sport and You - Paula Radcliffe

Standing 1:72 tall Paula is literally a head above most of her female rival athletes. 

Her huge lungs let her consume vast amounts of oxygen. Her heart, twice the size of an average female's, pumps oxygen to her muscles packed with energy-releasing cells. So she can run very fast for a very long time. 

Paula currently holds an amazing 10 world records including the London Marathon over 26.2 miles. She achieves this by training very hard, running up to 150 miles every week.

How many miles per week does Paula train?  

About 150-miles per week, less when approaching a serious competition.

Does Paula ever take time off? Yes at the end of a long season she will take a couple of weeks vacation where she will jog to keep in shape. The Caribbean is a favourite destination.

Does Paula stick to a strict diet? 

No, but she eats by personal choice a good healthy diet.

What's with those knee high socks?  

They help with the circulation of the blood. Blood carries oxygen to the muscles allowing the fibres to work efficiently.

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