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Athletics sites Newsletter

                              30th April 2005

Site Moving

The biogrpahies of Paula Radcliffe, Kelly Holmes and Cathy Freeman have been moved to a new site called Athletics Super Stars: This is because they were taking up a lot of space, and this will give me far more space to update into on Athletics Biographies

Not all the links are updated, and so they will take you to the page where the profile used to stand, and you will need to click on a link to take you to the new profile. Gradually these will get changed, but I wanted to make the moves smooth, and this seemed like the best way to do it.

I have run out of web space on Athletics Biographies, so all future added athletes will be on a new website called Athletics 2005. I've been moving profiles across to make room for new updates, so if you get re-directed then don't panic!


Athletics Biographies has a new look, so please check it out and tell us what you think. Lots of new profiles have been added, and lots of updating has been going on. 

Athletics Stars has now got a slightly more credible title page, although it's still, if I'm honest, a bit 'daff'! It has been updated with results from the London mini-marathon, and the London Mini- Marathon winners Gallery has also been updated for 2005. I know that I'm really behind on results, and this probably, if I'm honest, won't be done until July. It will be done eventually: and I'm really sorry for any inconvenience, but I'm doing the best I can! 

World Athletics is part way through getting a new look. do you like it? I think it's a bit swisher. I don't know how long sorting out all the pages will take - I think I've now re-done all the pages that changed automatically, and the rest will be done gradually. 

Athletics 2005 Various updates to many of the profiles. Check them out! 

Athletics Super Stars Various updates to many of the profiles. Check them out! 


Hopefully, now everything is sorted out, I will finally be able to update everything I have been meaning to. 

World Athletics news

Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe on her third London Marathon win, and to Non Stanford and Adam Hickey, who won the mini-marathons. 

Congrats also to Kelly Sotherton, who has broken the UK indoor 100m hurdles record,to Emily Pidgeon, who has broken the UK U17 2000m steeplechase record, to Non again for running the fastest leg at the U17 National Road Relays.

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