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Jonathon Moore, GBR

British long and triple jumper Jonathan Moore has been handed a public warning after testing positive for cannabis.

The 20-year-old escaped a ban after his claim that the drug had entered his system impassively was accepted.

"The athlete stated he had not smoked cannabis and it must have been due to passive smoking," UK Athletics said in a statement.

"Moore waived his right to a disciplinary hearing. The athlete is free to compete."

Moore failed a drugs test at a meeting in Merksem, Belgium, where he had won the long jump, on 4 September this year.

Cannabis is included on the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned substances.

But because it is Moore's first doping offence and he was not judged to have taken it to enhance his performance, UK athletics chiefs decided a public warning was sufficient.

Moore won the world youth triple jump crown in 2001 and has been tipped for future success.

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